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24 - 26 MARCH 2020

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All new App functionality for trade stand exhibitors

Exhibitors will be able to scan delegate badges at their stand and qualify them with a simple question relevant to their business.

The question is only visible to the exhibitor, and would be used for event engagement analysis (during or after conference).

Some suggestions are below:

  • What product/service are they interested in?
  • How keen are they on signing up? Hot, Warm, Cold
  • What should you send them? Resource 1, 2 or 3.

The question asked by an exhibitor are asked after a delegate has been scanned.

This allows the exhibitor to enter the replies while the delegates “profile” is open.

This ensures that the answers are logged against the specific delegate and are included in the reports.

The question formats include the following options:

Star Rating, yes/no, date picker, long response, short response, single checkbox or multiple choice.

It is advisable to keep the question and answer as short as possible.

This saves the exhibitor time when asking questions and entering responses.

Ideally the use of a star ratings, yes/no, multiple choice style question prove to be the most effective.

This will give you the freedom to set up your own question.

At any time during or after the conference, exhibitors can (via their App) export all of the data, which includes responses to question, in an excel spreadsheet format.

Start thinking about what insights you want to take back from the 2021 NZ Plumbing Conference and use the app to make it measurable.

Exact instructions on how to configure the app will be sent once the app is launched (Due February).

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